11 Common Travel Fears

11 Common Travel Fears

You wouldn’t think it, but travelling can be one of the scariest things you ever experience. Not only is the act of travelling scary for some people, but many of the things that happen during travel are, as well. Whether they are big things or small, good luck dealing with (and pronouncing) the following fears that are commonly associated with travel:

  1. Fear of Flying – Aviophobia

People with this fear can’t (and really don’t want to) imagine their feet being off of the ground, especially thousands of feet in the air. The worst possible place for an Aviophobe to be is onboard an airplane, that’s if you are able to get them anywhere near an airport in the first place. They will think of any possible alternative to get to their destination to avoid flying. If they do somehow manage to make it onto a plane, you can fully expect to see them fidgeting and having mini freakout moments the entire time onboard.


  1. Fear of Train Travel – Siderodromophobia

The sound of a chugging train engine is one of the last things that a Siderodromophobe wants to hear. People with this fear have no intention of taking a scenic ride through the countryside on any form of locomotive. The mental scenario of a train derailing or the uncontrollable queasiness from high-speed motion sickness are things that come to mind when someone mentions travelling by train. These thoughts are usually followed up with an abrupt “NO.”


  1. Fear of Road Travel – Hodophobia

When someone yells “ROADTRIP!”, the Hodophobe is the one to most likely come up with an excuse to not go. This person can’t stand the idea of long distance road travel. They would rather travel by air, sea, or underground before they would consider getting in a car and riding for miles. Common fears that contribute to this are the fear of motion sickness, running out of gas, and dealing with terrible sing-a-long tunes.


  1. Fear of the Unknown – Xenophobia

Some people enjoy change and things being different, and then there is the Xenophobe. This person prefers the familiar and everything being the same. Out of the ordinary places, people, etc. are the last things that a Xenophobe wants to be around. Anyone that has to deal with this person while travelling is in for either a trip full of everything being similar to home or a trip full of whining and complaining. Worst case scenario would be the Xenophobe freaking out and pointing out how everything is wrong because it’s not similar to what they’re used to.


  1. Fear of Language Barriers – Xenoglossophobia

This fear is a specific form of Xenophobia. Xenoglossophobes constantly fear being the one person in the room who can’t speak a certain language. They feel most comfortable being around people who speak their language. If they are forced into a situation where no one speaks their language, such as travelling to an undeveloped country or a location that doesn’t get many tourists, then you can expect to find them not speaking to anyone and having a meltdown.


  1. Fear of Pickpockets – Xenonosocomiophobia

If you’re travelling around and notice someone in a crowded area constantly checking their pockets, then you might have spotted a Xenonosocomiophobe. This person has uncontrollable and paranoiac fear of being pickpocketed. Travelling in large cities, airports, or tourist destinations are prime areas that the Xenonosocomiophobe are likely to avoid, since they would likely spend their entire trip patting themselves and thinking that everyone is out to steal their wallet.


  1. Fear of Long Waits – Macrophobia

If there is one thing you can always expect from travel, it’s that you will at some point have to deal with a long wait. That fact makes most Macrophobes extremely uneasy. The Macrophobe is usually that person in a long line who finally loses their mind because the line hasn’t moved an inch in an hour. This person needs constant motion and can’t be slowed down by waiting. The impending doom of being late is always running through their mind and continues to instill fear.


  1. Fear of Getting Lost – Mazeophobia

For the most part, in travel there are two types of people: Mazeophobes and non-Mazeophobes. This person is stricken with horror at the idea of getting lost. They can’t even fathom why a person would enjoy getting lost in a place they have never been to, let alone try to get lost. If you want to spot a possible Mazeophobe, look for the person clinging to their map/guidebook/tour guide.


  1. Fear of Public Spaces – Agoraphobia

Being around other people can be a tiring task, but for some people, it’s unbearable to the point of fear. Agoraphobes want nothing to do with being in public places where there are tons of people. The worst nightmare of this person would be to be stuck in the middle of a large crowd with no way out. Some Agoraphobes can claim to also be a bit claustrophobic, so the bigger the crowd, the bigger impending freakout.


  1. Fear of Losing Mobile Contact – Nomophobia

In the age of technology, new phobias have developed with each new development. One of these new phobias is the fear of losing cell phone signal. A Nomophobe’s level of fear increases as the signal bar decreases on their phone. This is especially true during travel, as they immediately start thinking that something bad is going to happen as soon as the signal goes out.


  1. Fear of Losing Internet Access – Macriapodiadictuophobia

Another new phobia that has developed from the technological age is the fear of losing access to the internet. Similar to the Nomophobe, a Macriapodiadictuophobe deals with an increasing fear level when their internet starts to go out. This person treats the internet as a sort of security blanket while travelling, so when they lose that, you can expect them to freak out like a baby who just had their blanket taken away from them.

Are there any travel fears that you know of (or have) that didn’t make the list? Tell us about them in the comments!

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