5 Reasons Why Travel Is A NEED

5 Reasons Why Travel Is A NEED

A want is something that you desire. Most wants are usually luxuries and other things that you don’t really need. A need is something that is a necessity. Some examples of necessities are food, water, shelter, etc. If you don’t have these basic necessities, then you can’t live a complete life. When we talk about travel, some people might lump it under the category of a want. I partially disagree. There is no doubt that, initially, your reasons for travelling would probably fall under the want category (i.e. seeing sights).  Let me give you a few reasons as to why I believe that travel should be considered a need.

1. Knowledge Of Better Places To Settle- Everyone has days where they think, “Why do I still live here?” Living in a place that you are unsatisfied with can be bad for your overall quality of life. If someone who hates the cold is living in a place that never reaches over 50F/10C, then they need to move to a warmer location. But how do they know of a good place to go? Easy answer: Travel. When you travel to different places, you come across examples of places that would be an ideal fit for you to live. You also come across places that make you realize what you don’t want. How would you even know where you really want to live if have never experienced other places? Another easy answer: You wouldn’t.

2. Personal Growth- Look at yourself in a mirror. You should see yourself (obviously, unless you’re a vampire). The you looking in the mirror has a set of ideas, morals, values, and beliefs. Now go travel. After you travel, go back and look at yourself in the mirror. The you in the mirror now will be a totally different person than the person in the mirror the first time. When you go to places where the people talk, act, and live a totally different way, some of these things will rub off on you. You learn how everyone else in the world thinks and lives life. Not only will what they do affect what you do, what you do will end up affecting what they do. Travel allows the mutual personal growth of people who meet from different cultures. This is severely needed in a world full of people who don’t understand each other.

3. Bonds Across Borders- How do you make friends? You go to where people are and interact. The same applies when you are travelling. When you go anywhere in the world, you should be able to make at least one friend, as long as you don’t shut yourself off to others. You may even find that the friends you make abroad are more cherished than your domestic friends. You may even make a bond with an international friend that develops into an amazing romantic relationship. The importance of friendship, especially international friendship, is essential in a time where there is more hatred in the world.

4. Invigoration- Ask any experienced traveler and they will tell you that travel adds energy to your life. Going somewhere that you have never been to, or even the places that you have been before, brings on the sensation of invigoration. Living in a sedentary lifestyle is not good for anyone. Becoming sedentary can lead to the deterioration of a person’s health, both mentally and physically. People need vigor in their lives to help make life pleasant and worth living. Travel keeps you active and alert, which in turn keeps you feeling invigorated. To sum it up, travel can keep you healthy, energized, and living longer than you would if you didn’t travel.

5. Become Globally-Minded- This is, arguably, the most important reason why travel is a need. Too often do you see people who are only concerned with their own lives or their immediate surroundings. They have no interest in the troubles of people/places that are far away from them. If it is not of their society, then they don’t need to worry about it, right? WRONG. We are all human beings living on the same planet. We should all worry about things that are happening to each other, no matter the culture/country/state. Another point to add is that too few people think about how their actions affect the planet we live on. We have only one planet (until such a time when we are able to settle new ones, but that is a different discussion), so we should do everything in our power to protect and preserve it. Instead, most people would rather worry about trivial things. This is why travel is needed. When you travel, you begin to see more of how closed off we are to each other and how our actions/inactions are destroying our planet. A traveler who realizes this, and makes the effort to help bring about change, is what I call a Globally-Minded person. If you would like to know more about what it means to be globally minded, read Be Globally Minded…?

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Do you think travel is a need? Have any other reasons why you think travel is a need? Do you completely disagree and think that travel is only a want? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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