7 Ways To Help Travel Sickness 1

7 Ways To Help Travel Sickness

Do you remember that queasy feeling you felt in your stomach while flying? Or that time your body got very tense and you had a pulsing headache out of nowhere while riding in an automobile? And who could forget that time you were bent over the side of the starboard bow of that cruise ship, letting the entire ocean population know what you had for dinner that night? If you remember any times like these, then you have experience travel sickness.


Travel Sickness, also known as motion sickness or kinetosis, is an awful experience for many travelers. Some people may experience it while others feel perfectly fine. It can also range in severity. Some may only get tense while others may need to find the nearest toilet to hug. Everyone is different in how travel sickness affects them, but the overall consensus is that nobody wants it. With that being said, here are 7 ways, which I have tested on myself, to help you get over travel sickness when it decides to try and ruin your trip. I would suggest to try all of these and then use a combination of the ones that work best for you.


  1. Chew Gum/Suck Hard Candy

These are some things that you should bring with you before your journey even begins. Chewing gum really helps in settling your stomach if it starts acting up. Make sure that you get either a mint-flavored gum or one that has a sour flavor. Mints and other hard candy really work well on easing an unsettled stomach and also work well with nausea. Besides a traditional mint flavor, look for sharper flavors, such as ginger or sour fruit. The effects of both gum and mints only work as long as the flavor is present, so if you get some that have a short flavor life, make sure you brought a big pack/bag to last the trip.


  1. Keep Your Mind Busy

If you can keep your attention and focus on something other than your rolling stomach or throbbing head, then it can sometimes make the sick feeling go away. Great things to do play road games, watch movies if possible, and even just make active conversation.


  1. Don’t Travel On A Full/Empty Stomach

When it comes to travel sickness and your stomach, balance is key. You don’t want to stuff your face with food, in hopes that you won’t get sick. On the flip side, you also don’t want to not eat anything, in hopes that if there is nothing there, then there is nothing to come back up. Eating just enough food to leave you content is the best way to go. It’s also best to avoid foods high in fat and oil, such as fried food or fast food, as these can make you feel worse. So remember: Not too much, not too little, but just enough and you should be fine!


  1. Point Air Conditioner In Your Face

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as some fresh air blowing right in your face, right? Even if it is coming from an air conditioner, just having that extra bit of oxygen can really help in the nausea department. The best practice that I suggest to do is aim right in your face, preferably pointing up at your face if possible, and taking slow deep breaths.


  1. Stretch

Another awful side effect that can come with travel sickness is tension. Some people feel their muscles get really tense and can even develop pounding tension headaches. To avoid this, the best practice is to get some stretching in. If you are restricted to your seat, do as much as you can with the space you have. The main area you should stretch should be your neck and shoulder area, as this is usually the main area of tenseness. Also, try massaging your temples to help relieve the tension headache.


  1. Don’t Resist Bumps/Turbulence

You just have to go with the flow! Literally, in this case. Resisting bumps and turbulence can make the travel sickness even worse. If you feel the vehicle turning, turn with it. If you feel the road getting bumpy or the airplane experience turbulence, just relax and let it happen. When you tense up and try to resist, your stomach, brain, and inner ear are still going to bounce around, which can leave you wanting to go visit Mr. Toilet.


  1. Take Medication

This is the easy, quick-fix remedy to travel sickness. You can take an over-the-counter medication to help ease that queasy feeling that comes with travel sickness. The most well-known of these drugs is Dramamine, but the over-the-counter drugs only last for short-term. You can visit your doctor and get them to prescribe you for the long-term version. There are also patches that can give you the same effects.


(Have these remedies worked for you? Do you have your own personal remedies? Let us know in the comments!)

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