Hi everyone, I’m Caleb!  Want to know a bit about me? (I would think you would if you’re reading the about section)

I studied at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO (Go Bears!) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management with specific emphasis in Tourism Management, Food & Beverage Management, and Club Management (you wouldn’t believe how hard it can be to fit my whole major’s name on forms). I also decided to study abroad during my 3rd year, which was quite the eye-opening experience, to say the least.

What I took away from studying abroad was somewhat different than the typical student does. I learned that everyone needs to learn how to be more Globally Minded and accepting of each other. I also learned some pretty useful skills on how to travel a lot easier and smarter than how others were travelling. Couple that with the knowledge I’ve gained from the Tourism Management emphasis of my major, and I would say that I have learned quite a lot. Which brought about the creation of Goingabroadtips.

I came up with the idea for Goingabroadtips after constantly giving random travel advice to my friends. I wanted to have a place where I could pool all of the things I picked up and also put new ideas that I came up with. I thought the idea would be an interesting experiment, since I didn’t really know of one source that helped people travel smarter.

And now we’re here! Goingabroadtips is constantly being tweaked and updated to provide readers (like YOU!) with a quality source to help them Travel Smarter and Be Globally Minded. Everyone from frequent travelers to study abroad students to first-time travelers should find something useful here!

Please feel free to request a topic and I will do my best to please!