Be Globally Minded…?

Be Globally Minded

Travel Smarter and Be Globally Minded. This is a slogan that I firmly believe that all travelers should keep in mind. But what exactly does it mean? You can guess what Travel Smarter means, but what about Be Globally Minded? How exactly do you Be Globally Minded? Well let me give you a little explanation.

When I tell someone to Be Globally Minded, I am telling them to keep the rest of the world in mind when they go about their daily life. There are so many things going on in the world today that require the attention of EVERYONE. This means everyone from the big corporate CEO in New York to the small shopkeeper in Rio de Janeiro, from the gondolier in Venice to the hotelier in Shanghai, from the fisherman in Havana to the movie director in Mumbai. We all live on the same planet and should work together to make it a more wonderful place to live.

When I tell someone to Be Globally Minded, I am telling them to think outside of their own social and cultural boundaries when they travel. Going into a totally new culture makes a person tend to cling to things, thoughts, and actions that they are familiar with. Sometimes there is a tendency in people to believe that things that are different from the way it is in their culture are wrong or flawed. People should go into a new culture with the mindset of seeing and experiencing what makes the place they are visiting so appealing to the people that actually live there, while respecting the differences that may conflict with their own culture. Appreciation and respect of differences in cultures makes it easier for people to connect with one another.

Now that I have explained to you what it means to Be Globally Minded, I need something from you. I need YOU, whoever you may be, to begin to Be Globally Minded. Whether you are at home, at work, or on some amazing adventure, when you close this post, then you should begin. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you go on your next vacation, right now. The sooner everyone does this, the sooner we all will become better as people.


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