Goingabroadtips 101: Tips 1-5

Goingabroadtips 101 will be my way of giving everyone random tips on travelling without having to write up a whole long post (that doesn’t mean I’m not writing more posts….soon I promise). Sometimes you just need something short and sweet! (P.S. you can find these tip photos on the Goingabroadtips Facebook page!) (P.S.S. go like the Facebook page) (P.S.S.S. if you would like me to entertain the idea of doing other social media sites for this blog, let me know in the comments!)

Goingabroadtips tip 1

Goingabroadtips tip 2

Goingabroadtips tip 3

Goingabroadtips tip 4

Goingabroadtips tip 5

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