The Destination Series: Intergalactic Tourism

Intergalactic Tourism

Intergalactic Tourism has swiftly taken over as the most popular form of tourism in today’s society. The idea is simple. You’ve become bored with seeing all of the sites that Earth has to offer, so obviously you want to go check out what other planets have to offer! Let’s look at some of the most popular destinations that people frequent.



The classic destination for intergalactic tourists. The big red planet that was once the topic of many science-fiction novels and movies soon became a very popular place for those who love the sight of vast deserts and large rock formations. With its vast deserts, it has become quite the popular place for racing, as well.

Kepler 186f


After the discovery of Kepler 186f, or “the Other Earth”, people have flocked to its surface to experience something familiar, yet different. It has all the perks of Earth (breathable atmosphere, fresh water, BEACHES, etc.) in a place that is 10% larger! Kepler 186f also has quite a population of expats, so if you are feeling extra adventurous, consider moving!



Ever since it’s grand feature in the popular Star Wars series, people have wanted to visit Hoth for its wintery appeal. Well in recent years, that dream has become a reality! Hoth has become an extremely popular destination for those who are into winter sports and winter adventures. Thanks to its year-round winter, Hoth doesn’t really see a low-tourist season, which has kept the local economy quite comfortable.



Pandora became one of the top choices for intergalactic tourists after being the set of the extremely popular movie, Avatar. Tourists have been flocking to Pandora’s surface ever since, taking up activities such as wildlife safaris, zip-lining, and other grand adventures. There are even indigenous outreach programs that allow tourists to learn more about the local tribes. (Caution: It is advised to everyone visiting Pandora to please NOT feed the local wildlife)



Gallifrey has become a mecca for those all Whovians. With its iconic red grass and silver-leafed trees, Gallifrey is a fantastic planet to visit if you’re looking for a different scenery than Earth. Many people also make a point to visit the Capitol, which has done a lot of renovations to accommodate intergalactic tourists. Definitely don’t miss out on a chance to see the beautiful burnt-orange sky during the evening!

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