The Who’s Who of Travel Snapchatting


The Who's Who of Travel Snapchatting

In the past, the only way you could “follow” along on someone’s travel journey is by getting postcards, reading letters, or viewing their photos AFTER they have already returned. Today, with the help of our many technological advances, there are so many different ways that someone can let others view their travels. A lot of frequent travelers turn to travel blogging, which allows them to post about their travels on their own travel blog website. There are also people who become travel vloggers, or those who post videos of their travels. Most travel bloggers also double as travel vloggers. However, there are some travel bloggers who have taken an extremely popular social media app, Snapchat, and use it to give their followers an “in-the-moment” look at their travels. “Travel Snapchatting” can be very helpful in keeping a travel blogger’s following interested and entertained in between blog posts and can even help grow the following.

Below you can find a list of some travel bloggers who have taken up “travel snapchatting.” They will keep you entertained, give you helpful advice, and provide an in-the-moment look at what being a travel blogger is really like. Make sure to follow them all!

NOMADasaurus snapcode

NOMADasaurus – Adventure Travel Couple

Snapchat username: nomadasaurus

The dynamic duo that make up NOMADasaurus, Alesha (Lesh) and Jarryd (Jazza), are an energetic and adventurous Australian couple that spend their time backpacking around the world. The both of them have been travelling together for 8 years and have no intentions of stopping any time soon, so you can be sure that if it can be travelled to, NOMADasaurus will be there. They love to snap any and all of their shenanigans (and they do love shenanigans), so if you’re looking for an entertaining pair to watch travel the world, they are definitely worth following on Snapchat. Be sure to send them your best dinosaur impression. They’ll love it!

Teacake Travels snapcode

Teacake Travels: Kickass Solo Female Travel Blog

Snapchat username: teacaketravels

Alright ladies, if you’re looking for someone to help inspire you to go out and travel solo, then look no further than Alice “Teacake” Nettleingham from Teacake Travels. This bubbly Brit has spent most of her time in Asia teaching English and entertaining her following with her energetic and straightforward personality. When she’s not showing off the amazing places that she travels to (or even while she is), she offers plenty of advice that help other female travelers feel empowered to go out and travel without feeling threatened. Don’t worry guys, she isn’t just focused on the ladies. Everyone can find something enjoyable about this teacake’s travels.

The Broke Backpacker snapcode

The Broke Backpacker – Adventure Travel Blog

Snapchat username: wthatton

Will Hatton, from The Broke Backpacker, is one of the coolest and most hilarious travel snapchatters that you will follow. He is an expert on showing people how to backpack and travel for a small amount of money. Occasionally, Will likes to alert his following to giveaways for random items that he accumulates on his travels. He also likes to provide his following with creative travel tips that will help with their own travels. Don’t miss out on joining Will on his current journey as he travels from the UK to Papua New Guinea with no flights. He will make you realize that you shouldn’t be sitting at a desk thinking about travelling instead of just DOING IT. Trust me, you won’t regret following along!

Matador Network snapcode

Matador Network

Snapchat username: matadornetwork

While most of the travel snapchatters on this list are travel bloggers, I felt it was necessary to give Matador Network a spot on here as well. One of the best things about Matador’s Snapchat is that they regularly let other travelers take over their account. This means that their viewers are able to experience one traveler’s personality and their trip one day and then a different traveler’s experience the next day. The constant change keeps things fresh and doesn’t let viewers grow anxious for a traveler to move on to a new destination. Be sure to constantly check their Snapchat story to see what new person has taken over!



Snapchat username: travmonkey

If you’re looking for a travel snapchatter that spends their time in as many pubs, markets, dives, and famous landmarks as the world can offer, then look no further than Paul from TravMonkey. Being based in London, Paul has access to many different spots that fill his viewers with envy and an insatiable desire to get up and travel, or at the very least, to get up and go grab a beer with him. These same feelings come about when he leaves London. Viewers are also entertained by his quirkiness, which can pop up at any point during his travels.

Wanderlust Chronicles snapcode

Wanderlust Chronicles

Snapchat username: wanderlustchron

The ladies of Wanderlust Chronicles, Leesa and Kate, definitely know how to show their viewers a good time and an excellent view of each and every destination they visit. They love to live on the luxurious side of travel, but aren’t afraid to get lost in search of a great experience. Their viewers also get treated to some of the amazing meals they indulge in. Looking for luxury presented to you by a “wanderful” pair of Aussies? Follow Wanderlust Chronicles!


Don’t Forget To Move – Adventure Travel Blog

Snapchat username: dontforget2move

The team behind Don’t Forget To Move, Jules and Christine, provide a glimpse into the life of people who spend their time volunteering abroad and travelling responsibly. This means they spend most of their time giving back to the people and places they visit while having a blast! They know how to make the best of any situation, even during a rainy day. If watching an adventurous, caring, and fun couple travel the world together sounds like a good time, then these two are perfect for you. Oh, and “don’t forget to move” on over to Snapchat and follow them!

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Check back often to see what new travel snapchatters have been added!

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Snapchat username: goingabroadtips

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